Shipping & Returns


Payment and Shipping


All packages are shipping insured for the full value Via FedEx overnight unless specified otherwise.

We ship worldwide with few exceptions, so inquire about your location before you make a purchase.

 Domestic packages are shipped free of charge and as for international packages it’s a 3 to 7 days’ service and the shipping charges are based on the country and value of the package you can inquire about it at checkout




Returns & Refunds


We encourage all buyers to be sure of model and sizes they are after before purchasing. In the event that you are not 100% satisfied with your watch we will honor returns within 48 hours of receipt of your pre-owned item, if it is not as described. We do not accept return on unworn watches. We do not accept returns on special orders and we do not accept returns for “Buyer’s Remorse”.


**Purchases made via PayPal will not be refund the added fees.**